The Evolving List of Resources for Emerging Angels

Below is an evolving list of resources for those that want to learn more about the practice of angel investing. I’m sure there are some great resources out there that I’m missing on this list, so if you can think of anything to add please do let me know. I’m also working through making a public Twitter list of angel investors and will share here as I get more diversity into that list.




Online Courses:

Equity Crowdfunding sites:

Equity crowdfunding sites are a great way for non-accredited investors to invest in private markets, build a portfolio of high growth companies, and learn about angel investing. It’s a great opportunity to figure out what you like/dislike when it comes to investing in startups. Recent SEC amendments to Regulation Crowdfunding are opening the doors for higher quality startups to raise even more money on these platforms, while lowering the cost of capital. I’m bullish on the concept of community capital and equity crowdfunding in the future. The SEC continues to make amendments to these regulations that is enabling startup investing to become more equitable — something that I will write more on in the future.

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